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100% of all proceeds go to the creation of jobs.  If you have any questions or need to ship outside the USA please email first before placing the order.


PS-L066-4The Solar lantern with FM radio & MP3 player has a hard plastic case, with glow in the dark strap on the top and handle on the back for easy carrying. The light has five levels of brightness lasting to over 100 hours

on low. The solar panel has a 3-meter cord and can stay outdoor in the rain. The MP3 player uses a SD Card or USB stick.

Other Features:
●USB for Mobile phone charging function
●LED battery capacity indicator
●Overcharge, over discharge protection
●Charging time about 12 hours

Settings: High 15 hours, medium 28 hours, low 60 hours, lowest 100+ hours

Solar Panel: 3.5 Watts

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L1USBThe Yellow or Blue SunLight with Sealed Lead acid battery has a hard plastic case, with a strap on the top and a handle on the back for easy carrying. The light has four levels of brightness lasting over 150 hours on low.  The solar panel has a 3 meter cord and can stay outdoors in the rain.  The battery is fully rechargeable by a full day’s direct sunlight. This solar light has an USB port so you can charge most mobile phones day or night. 

Other Features:

●Mobile phone charging function
●LED battery capacity indicator
●Overcharge, over discharge Protection
●860g heavier in weight than the one below, because of the lead acid battery
●With the USB port to charge mobile phones, there is no need
for extra adapters
●3 mobile phone charging adapters:Nokia 6101(small pin), Micro-USB, and Mini-USB
●Come in both yellow and Blue

Settings: High 12 hours, Medium 20 hours, Low 40 hours, Lowest 150+ hours
Solar Panel: 1.7 Watts, 9 volts
Battery: Sealed Lead acid battery 6V3.2Ah

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H4 Solar LightThe Quad SunLight has 4 super bright lights that can be hung in 4 rooms. Each light has a 5-meter cable with an on/off switch. USB port for charging mobile phones. Indicator lights for charging and on/off.

Other Features:
● 4 LED lights with 5 meter cords with on-off switch at end
● USB Port for charging cell phones or small devices
● Lithium-ion battery for more than 500 charge cycles

Settings: 8 hours with all 4 lights on, 32 hours with 1 light on
Solar Panel: 2×4=8 Watts (Includes 2, 4 Watt panels)
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