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Spring Update and the Solar Lights are shinning

By May 6, 2014No Comments

We wanted to update you on all that has been happening with Clean Compassion these last few months. It has been a busy time for us. We are so excited to announce that efforts to bring jobs to Liberia are finally coming to fruition. It is amazing to see how it all has come together but for sure not the easy way. We placed the order for lights in December and we got confirmation this week that the shipment finally cleared customs and is in the hands of our manager there (Lester Wehyee). Thanks to all of you who donated. It could not happen without your ongoing support.  Check out our Liberia page!

We leave for Haiti this week with plans to work on finalizing the video we started last year. We also will work with our manager (Delson Dessin) and work with our team members exploring other areas of Haiti we can expand to. Please keep us in your prayers that we find the right contacts and partners.

Let us help you this summer. Please visit our store and purchase some solar lights. You can use them for camping trips this summer, backyard lighting, keep in your car for emergencies, flashlight tag, barn lighting (no fire hazard), and a number of other uses. Recently our daughter was in her car and her cell phone went dead. She used the phone charger on her solar light to charge it. The uses are limitless. They also make great gifts for the guys in your life (hunting, early morning fishing, attic work, under the sink repair, etc.)

We want to thank you again for believing in what we are doing. Support comes in so many ways and we are so appreciative to each of you who support us. Together we are creating jobs, offering hope, and saving our environment.

Tom and Tracey Mehrer

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