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Every day around the world, people are dying in poverty. No jobs, no food, no resources, no hope. Clean Compassion was founded to change those statistics by offering an opportunity to earn an income to those individuals who live in poverty.

An easy solution would be to get a better job, but in most developing countries, jobs are scarce or don’t exist at all. Something as common as electricity is reserved for the most elite individuals in countries like Haiti. Families are living in darkness both physically and mentally. Clean Compassion provides these individuals hope by offering them solar products to sell through micro-finance.

Using Solar Lighting

Clean Compassion imports solar panels and LED lights into the country to be sold by our team members. We provide business training and the solar products. The lights are provided to team members on consignment; they then sell them at a profit.

Benefit for the team member: Solar light is $18-20 wholesale, it retails for $25-30, profit of $7-10 for the team member selling the solar light.

Benefit for the consumer: The average Haitian family spends about $10 monthly for lighting using candles and kerosene and an additional $5 monthly to charge their cell phone. Using solar lights eliminates these expenses, reduces health risks and preservers the environment.  Another added benefit is an opportunity for income by using the solar panel to charge other families cell phones.