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Clean Compassion’s February Newsletter

By February 14, 2012December 13th, 2012No Comments

Give One – Invest One

Our manager on the ground in Haiti, Mr. Delson, came up with an idea and pitched the idea to a team of volunteers who were in Haiti working on a school. The team wanted to know where to give the money they brought to best help the community. Mr. Delson proposed the idea of buying one solar light for a family and giving that same family another solar light to sell. The team liked the idea and raised enough money to help 14 families. The idea is to provide a family with light for their household and at the same time sell the other light. With the profit from that sale, they can purchase more lights and eventually start a business. The families quickly learned that the lights sell so easily that they sold both their lights, came back and bought 3 lights. This was a 50% return on their investment. Out of the 14 families only one has not returned for more solar products. This small gesture on the part of these volunteers from America changed 13 families in Haiti; possibly forever. The lesson here is that people are eager to give. The people in Haiti are even more eager for an opportunity to earn income. This is a win– win situation for all involved. We are going to try to formalize this into a plan and report back the progress to the people that donate for this cause. Stay tuned for our next newsletter to see how we are proceeding with this.

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